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Hello! My name is Maham Aqil, and I am this year’s President of the International Development Studies Student’s Association (IDSSA). I am a 5th year IDS student. I am a firm believer of giving back to the community as I have been actively doing so for the past few years here at UTSC. The many reasons why I chose to take upon the role as the President of IDSSA is to bring all IDS majors, specialists, and minors students together and reach out to other DSA’s in the social science region. In Addition, to create a community and space that is welcoming to everyone. Therefore I believe that this will give more opportunities for more student leadership.


Hi! My name is Veena Ganesarasa and I am the VP Logistics of IDSSA. My role entails event planning, training apprentices and coordinating with fellow executives to cater to the academic and social needs of the IDS community. I am currently in my second year, pursuing a major in Public Policy and double minors in IDS and Economics. I love to read, debate and embrace my numerous existential crises. I joined IDSSA as a way to become connected with likeminded individuals and professionals in the IDS field.


Hi! I am Olivia Stockmann, Vice President Promotions for IDSSA. I am in second year and fulfilling a double major in International Development Studies and Political Science. During my first year I realized that I rarely got involved on campus and found myself solely going to lectures then commuting back home. I joined IDSSA to more involved with my department and learn about it from the inside out. Having been apart of IDSSA, I have met so many great people that have changed my experience here at UTSC. The experience has been extremely beneficial and I’m so happy I joined.


Hi guys! My name is Keshav Sarawagi. I am a second year IDS student and also this year’s Vice President student Engagement. I am currently doing a double major in International Development Studies and Political Science. I am an international student in Canada coming from Nepal. I hope to gain expertise in the field international development and go back and help my country to regain its path towards holistic growth. I am an adventurer and nature lover who is passionate about hospitality, travel, and social responsibility. Apart from that, I am a bookworm and training for Muay thai. Keeping busy is how I aspire of becoming a successful man. My role as VP student engagement is to act as a bridge between the IDSSA and the IDS student community by initiating events and activities for them and addressing their concerns, suggestions and put it forward to the team and act accordingly in favour of the IDS Student Community. I believe I can understand people well, and being in IDSSA as VP Student Engagement gives me exposure to student life and how to manage it given at different situations. It gives birth to teamwork and idea creation that is good for the greater good in the future.



Greetings! My name is Fariha Hoque, and I am this year’s Vice President academics for IDSSA. I am currently a third year student doing a major in IDS and a double minor in Sociology and Public Law. My role is to make sure that IDS students are receiving the utmost academic provisions through academic related services and events provided for them. During my first two years at UTSC, I noticed that a lot of the IDS student body did not receive or was a lack of academic needs in comparison to other programs. I felt as if there needs to be a change. Thus, I made the decision to become VP academics only to better and enrich the academic experiences for the IDS student body. I encourage you all to take advantage of all the academic related services and events, as it will be most beneficial. Thank you.
~Fariha Hoque

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